The Rooms

06. 2019 - 08. 2019

The Rooms, titled after an empty living room and bedroom Thomas Kim and I filled with designed objects by 12 designers and artists. The curation of the exhibition focused on semi-awkward and non-traditional objects that are ultimately usable. The creative direction of this project is a representation of my obsession for how materiality and forms come together in spaces.

More documentation of the exhibition can be seen at

Ethan Arff , White Bench, 2019.

Vanessa Lee Jackson, Black Mold Shelf, 2019.

Lucy Pelletier, Water Jug 1, 2 & 3, 2017.

Jonathan Ma, Junglefowl Chair, 2018.

Susannah van der Zaag, A Convergence of Two Dispositions, 2019.

Aidan Taylor and Briar Gill, Together Without Chairs, 2019.

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Toronto, Canada.