Can an object critique and industry while existing within it?


An urn is a vessel that contains cremated remains of someone who’s passed. This redesign is made out of mycelium, a new biomaterial consisting of agricultural crop waste and mushroom roots grown together to form an object that is completely decomposable. 

Project: Respond to a growing market with an innovative material application.

Duration: 12 weeks 2017

Location:  Oslo Met University (formally HiOA). Oslo, Norway.

Seen: Exhibited at OCADU Great Hall for DesignTO January 2018.  Public Talk - Death, Dying and Discussions for DesignTO January 2019

Context:  The funeral industry exists within a complicated marketplace. These consumers only require such services when the loss of another person is involved. The next of kin have little time to make various challenging decisions, all while coping with the reality of their circumstances.

Opportunity:  More individuals are choosing cremation over burial [Cremation Association of North America. 2017]. As the world changes, so do consumers .Some arguments against burial are high costs, land scarcity, unsustainable material uses, embalming process [NATIONAL CREMATION. 2015]. 

With this in mind, I aimed to provide an alternative to conventional cremation urns for the people and their families who value conscious consumption and choose products based on environmental consequences. 

Developed by Ecovative, this C2C approved material will grow into the designed form and after its set (baked in an oven), won’t degrade until exposed to moisture.