Briar Gill

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


P: 1 (403) 818-7961


An active mind and sociable personality allows me to flexibly embrace new endeavours. I’ve been called intuitive, considerate and informed. I would describe myself as resourceful, intentional, and highly motivated.


AutoCAD, Solidworks, Adobe ID, AI, PS, AE, Rhinoceros, Fusion360, 3DS Max, Revit, SketchUp, Microsoft Office and the World Wide Web. I can compile cohesive presentations and give public talks about my work. Bonus, I’m very comfortable in shop settings and have familiarity working with most machines, including CNC.


Furniture, Interiors, Dwellings, Art Direction, Product Development, Design Research, Materials, Sociology and Human Behavior, Ecology, Urban Planning, 3D Printing, Sustainability, Visual Communication, and of course the design process, thinking and methodology.


SolidWorks Program
George Brown College.

Toronto, Canada.
09 . 2020 - 02 . 2021

Bachelor of Design
Industrial Design
Ontario College of Art and Design University.

Toronto, Canada.
09 . 2015 - 05 . 2019

Exchange Program
Product Design Specialization OsloMET University (formally HiOA).

Oslo, Norway.
08 . 2017 - 12 . 2017

First year Bachelor of Art Painting and Sculpture
Alberta College of Art and Design.

Calgary, Canada.
09 . 2014 - 05 . 2015

Related Experience

Industrial Designer

Credible Group 

Vaughan, Canada

10 . 2019

08 . 2020

Hired as a Junior Designer, my role entailed reading quotes, specs, site measurements and floor plans to inform the fabrication drawings of individual furniture pieces. Primarily the drawings are created using AutoCAD to convey information to the client and the folks making the item. During my time with CG, I introduced additional visuals using Solidworks to produce 3D models. 

Curator and Designer

DesignTO - Themselves [TheTheThe]

Toronto, Canada

10 . 2019

01 . 2020

In collaboration with Thomas Kim (under the title TheTheThe), we brought together unique works by 14 designers to stage the interior of Stackt Market for Toronto’s Design Week. The curatorial objective was to select furniture objects that blur the line between art and design. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Canadian Art Magazine -  Social 2019 Fundraising Auction

Toronto, Canada

08 . 2019

09 . 2019

Assembled and organized 10 volunteers for the annual event that hosts over 400 guests. Acted as liaison between art and audience and facilitated silent bidding using Givergy tablets. Assistant to Uma Vespaziani the program coordinator. 

Curator and Designer

The Rooms: An exhibition of designed objects. [TheTheThe]

Toronto, Canada

06 . 2019

08 . 2019

Thomas Kim and I filled an empty apartment with furniture pieces by 12 designers. The creative direction of this project is a representation of my obsession with how materiality and forms come together in spaces. Fellow designer Aidan Taylor and I also created a standing table for the exhibition, titled “ Together Without Chairs”.

Design and Development 

Bloordale Improvement group

Toronto, Canada

06 . 2019

08 . 2019

I was asked to return for a second year at BIG on Bloor: Arts and Culture Street Festival, our team was tasked with zero waste. All the interactive pieces that were to be a part of the one day event were constructed out of found objects and transformed. Additionally we assisted the artists with fabrication logistics and installation.

International Research Competition

Oxford University's Map the System

Toronto, Canada

02 . 2019

03 . 2019

Outside of our school projects, myself and four others ventured an extensive research project on how e-commerce and automation will influence the last mile for the public company Canada Post and all actors involved. The result of this work was a report and a series of visual maps that display the findings in a cohesive and legible format.

Dynamic Project Management 

OsloMET University x Karlstad University for NorgesGruppen

Oslo, Norway

11 .  2017

12 . 2017

A rewarding project that allowed us leaders, to implement previous years of education to guide the 1st and 2nd year students through the design process. I enjoyed sharing observational research methods from the social sciences and synthesizing the data through storytelling and personas. Constant collaboration with other team leads allowed us to maintain a healthy group dynamic. Conclusively the students produced a series of design solutions that the client was excited about.

Student Monitor OCADU

Material Innovation Center

Toronto, Canada

01 . 2017

05 . 2017

Overlooking the MIC was a fascinating job that reflected my interests in tactility and material innovation. The job required me to be knowledgeable about the plethora of materials within the collection as well as samples to bring in. Students, primarily from the environmental design program would inquire about various things that we would sit down and research together. If they just needed to borrow a sample, I fulfilled the logistics and reached out when the loan was overdue.