A Modest Vanity

2015. Birch Ply. Red Oak.

Objective: Slender profile and visual lightness for smaller apartments. Reduction of materials, such as hardware for the drawers. Distance from the floor to the bottom of the drawer is enough for a person to sit on a standard 17” tall chair and be able to cross their legs when seated.

Title: A modest Vanity is a literal descriptor of the form and its principals. Its function is to exist below a mirror and contain one's tools for their physical refinement routine. Modesty is represented in its passive size, lack of pigment or embellished details. Even the joinery its modest, biscuits for the box and drawers and the legs are merely screwed in.

Acknowledgments: This piece, my first large piece was possible because of the wonderful individuals at OCADU studios. Thank you for your support and wisdom.